Brussels beckons as ‘Lord Of Tears’ earns prestige invitation

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A local film maker has been given the opportunity to show his latest production at an internationally renowned festival.

Lawrie Brewster of New Age Films has been invited to screen his critically acclaimed supernatural thriller ‘Lord of Tears’ at the prestigious Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival (BIFFF).

Dysart film maker Lawrie Brewster

Dysart film maker Lawrie Brewster

The event, launched in 1983, is uniquely aimed at films in the horror, thriller and science fiction genres.

Previous winners of the grand prize, the Golden Raven statuette, include cult classics ‘Army of Darkness’, ‘Radioactive Dreams’ and ‘Dog Soldiers’.

‘Lord of Tears’ was written by Lawrie’s partner Sarah Daly, who also wrote the script for the film maker’s previous feature, ‘White Out’.

Award-winning director Lawrie says he took his inspiration for the film from Japanese thrillers.

He said: “In some Japanese horror films they use a lot of their own mythology so I was thinking that, in Scotland, we have our own rich culture and history, so why should we not use it in a modern horror film?”

Filming took place in the Scottish Highlands as well as in Dysart and Kirkcaldy, where the main character comes from, and was completed in just two weeks.

The film was launched with a lavish two-day event over Halloween at the Balbirnie House Hotel and Kirkcaldy’s Old Town Kirk, where a screening was held.