Buckhaven boss on the move

David McClure
David McClure

THE HEAD teacher at Buckhaven High School, David McClure, is moving to Madras College in St Andrews for a temporary spell in charge.

The highly respected rector at Methilhaven Road is heading to north east Fife for an interim period next month to take over from Ian Jones, who is leaving after six years for a new post in the Middle East.

An acting head teacher is to be appointed at Buckhaven to succeed Mr McClure, who is in his early 60s and has been at the helm for around a dozen years.

Mr McClure was unavailable for comment, but it’s understood he was chosen for his experience and reliability to help pilot the St Andrews school through the demands of Curriculum for Excellence and the long-running controversy over the location for its new single-site school.

John McLaughlin, area education officer, said the complex challenges at Madras needed someone with the samel level of knowledge, skills and experience as Mr Jones, who is leaving at the end of May to open a new school in Qatar, in the Gulf.

Mr McLaughlin told the Mail: “In addition to the issues of a new school, there is a need to have a leader in place to deliver senior phase Curriculum for Excellence in June of this year. While the delivery of a new school is important, it is not more important than the needs of the pupils currently at Madras.

“For this reason, David McClure has been asked to take up the reins at Madras for an interim period, starting in May.”

He added: “Mr McClure is a very experienced head teacher who comes with a proven record. He currently chairs Fife’s Curriculum for Excellence steering group and represents Fife at a national level.

“We are confident in his leadership abilities, which he will put to good use in the service of parents and pupils at Madras College.”

Confirming an acting head would be installed at Buckhaven for the period of Mr McClure’s absence, Mr McLaughlin said Buckhaven High School was currently well placed to continue the improvements put in place over the past 10 years.