Buckhaven families to share community cinema experience

CLEAR - community-led 'Action', this time in the film world
CLEAR - community-led 'Action', this time in the film world

The CLEAR Buckhaven environmental specialist group is directing its talents towards a new venture – a Community Cinema.

CLEAR, which is concluding a two-part workshop today (Wednesday) on basic steps towards making a short film, hopes to create a monthly experience – within walking distance – for local families to enjoy the art of cinema.

The pictures are being screened in association with Buckhaven Theatre.

Initially, they will feature Scottish comedies and family-orientated movies, along with other themed offerings such as horror films, independent pictures or science fiction films, and some better-known movies which have been on the past, rather than modern-day big-budget blockbusters.

The project is in no way intended as competition for the Kino Cinema in Leven, added the organisers.

The first presentation, ‘That Sinking Feeling’, Bill Forsyth’s directorial debut from 1979, is due at the Lawrence Street theatre on November 14.

CLEAR felt it was important to give local people the opportunity to gather together locally and savour the enjoyment of movies.

Bruce Henderson, volunteer development co-ordinator, said: “The thing about cinema is that people like to share.

“If we can get enough of a following of people wanting to come along and share films together, we’ll be looking at forming a Film Society, to have deeper discussions about cinema and maybe a wider range of films.

“If we build an audience, they will hopefully tell us what they’d like to see.”

Bruce added that the success of Colinsburgh’s community cinema showed there was an appetite for film and that small cinemas were coming back into being.

CLEAR hopes to screen another Scottish comedy, as yet undecided, in early December.