Buckhaven growing space vandalised

The bees were donated to CLEAR just six weeks ago. Pic: Adam Gold.
The bees were donated to CLEAR just six weeks ago. Pic: Adam Gold.

Staff at a community growing space in Buckhaven have branded vandals who swatted bee hives with sticks as “stupid and senseless”.

It is thought vandals snuck into CLEAR’s garden and attacked the bees, with sticks later found strewn across the ground.

While the attack does not appear to have caused any damage or fatalities, it is not the first example of vandalism at the site.

Pauline Normand, who works in the growing space, said there had been issues in the past with the group’s water barrels, which are needed for the site.

Ms Normand described the vandalism as “disappointing”, noting that the beehives had been donated by Hyndhead School and the bees provided by local organisation Bee Buddies.

The bees were only donated to CLEAR just six weeks ago.

“We’re trying our hardest to look after something that it such a rare species these days,” Ms Normand said.

“But these things happen and it is such a shame.”

Despite the vandalism, Ms Normand says the group have been fortunate, having received support from the local community.

She said: “It’s such a community place, with schools, kids and everyone here,

“And it’s a growing space that everyone loves.

“It’s such a valuable asset in Buckhaven.”

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