Buckhaven works together

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A BUCKHAVEN community organisation has came up with a novel way to ensure smaller groups get the chance to benefit from the upcoming cut-price sale of the town’s Free Gardeners Hall.

With Fife Council announcing at the end of April it was putting the College Street building on the market for just £2760, two per cent of its estimated £138,000 value, a number of groups including some niche parties such as local knitting clubs, Brownies and a pipe band all expressed their interest.

Fearing too many groups competing against each other would prove detrimental, the Free Gardeners Hall steering group, which previously unveiled ambitous plans to rennovate the building into an arts, media and music venue, has suggested these groups come together under the same banner to maximise their chances.

Explaining the benefits, Linda Judge, steering group secretary, told the Mail: “Over the past few years, through working with local community groups, we have identified that there is a lack of appropriate facilities for young musicians and artists to develop their individual expression.

“Our group is looking to the potential development of a space where groups and individuals of all backgrounds and interests can come together to express and celebrate that culture in their own ways.

“The Free Gardeners Hall could potentially be that space. We are aware that there could be lots of individuals and groups out there who may be interested in acquiring the hall to meet their own needs.

“These could be as diverse as a sewing group to a brass band, a Brownie group to a Zumba class, a rock band to a folk group or even artists looking for space to show off their work.”

Those interested in joining forces with the Free Gardeners Hall steering group are asked to e-mail Danalena @blueyonder.co.uk or call 01592 591248.

•Fife Council, expects the bidding process to last until mid-August, and previously stipulated it will only sell the building to a not-for-profit group which can prove it is financially viable and right for the community.