Bungee jump after Bob Tails’ recovery is a Facebook hit

Carol and Bob Tails
Carol and Bob Tails

A Glenrothes woman who took in an abandoned dog is preparing to mark its return to health by leading a bungee jump for dog charities.

Carol Conway picked up Bob Tails in February this year after she was contacted by a friend at the SSPCA who described the sorry state he was found in.

A trip to her local vet revealed just how unwell Bob Tails was - he was diagnosed as being deaf, partially sighted, suffering from lower back pain, liver trauma, failing kidneys, a ‘mass’ on his spleen and an enlarged prostate gland.

“He was in such a bad way I thought I might just be providing him with a home to die in if I’m being honest,” Carol explained.

“But the vet said that he didn’t appear to be in any real distress despite all the problems.

“Slowly but surely he started picking up a little and I was telling people how he was doing on my Facebook page.

“Then I started up a new page just about him and I still can’t believe how popular it has become.”

Bob Tails’ page has now amassed almost 1300 ‘likes’ as more and more people have started following the humorous updates on his recovery.

Once the account achieved more than one thousand online admirers, Carol had to honour a pledge she made to do a bungee jump if Bob Tails’ Facebook page became so popular.

“He is a great character and it is really coming out now, some of the posts have been read by 3000 people which is unbelievable,” she added.

“People have just really taken to him and of course now I am going to have to do a bungee jump even though I’m scared of heights!

“But it is all for good causes, helping dogs that are in situation similar to Bob Tails, so I will get over my fears.”

Carol will be joined by nine of Bob Tails’ online followers for the bungee jump from the Titan Crane on the banks of the River Clyde on Sunday, June 22.

She can be sponsored online at Bob Tails facebook page at www.facebook.com/bobtails1.