Burgh suffering through poor phone reception

Roderick Campbell MSP
Roderick Campbell MSP

CRAIL residents are having to put up with a virtually non-existent level of mobile phone coverage, it’s been claimed.

While people across the area are making the most of their smartphone apps, those staying in the historic royal burgh are increasingly being left in the dark.

MSP for north east Fife, Roderick Campbell, has written to the main mobile telephone companies in the UK to highlight the very poor levels of coverage in his constituency.

“No-one expects absolutely perfect mobile coverage in all parts of the country but it is fairly unusual to find a relatively sizeable community, such as Crail, which appears to be without useable mobile coverage from any of the major networks,” said Mr Campbell.

“While I am not in a position to carry out a scientific analysis of signal strength in that part of the East Neuk, I have heard enough anecdotal evidence to convince me that there is an issue which should be addressed.

“With this in mind, I have contacted the chief executives of Vodafone, o2, 3 Mobile, Orange and T-mobile to ask them to investigate the issue.”

Mail reader Scott Coull confirmed Mr Campbell’s claims, and added that it wasn’t just people in Crail who were suffering, but others right across the East Neuk.

Speaking on our Facebook profile, Scott said: “It’s a joke along there with Orange, T-Mobile and o2.

“It’s time they were doing something about it.

“From Colinsburgh, Elie, St Monans and along to Crail it’s murder to get a decent signal.”