Burn problems still a mystery

Kinglassie's Lochty Burn during a clean-up.
Kinglassie's Lochty Burn during a clean-up.

THE source of pollution which is turning a village waterway red remains a mystery.

The Scottish Environmental Protection Agency has been trying to discover why the Lochty Burn periodically turns a rust-like shade, but has been unable to come up with a definitive answer.

Local people and community groups remain concerned about the impact the pollution is having on wildlife in the area in and around Kinglassie.

Similar pollution in waterways elsewhere has been blamed on corroding metals in former mineworkings, but the green watchdog said, at a recent meeting, that it hadn’t been able to determine where the problem is stemming from.

A spokesman said: “To date, SEPA has not found any obvious points where mine water was directly discharging into the burn.”

Local MSP, Tricia Marwick, has been in contact with the agency after the problem was raised by Kinglassie Community Council and Kinglassie Action Group and attended a recent meeting of interested parties.

She said: “At this meeting we were advised about measures SEPA had taken and this included water samples from various points into he near vicinity.

“We were also assured that SEPA will work with relevant parties to address this problem.

“While these words are welcome, further action is required.

“It is vital the burn continues to receive the full attention of SEPA and a long-term strategy is implemented to resolve this.” problems once and for all.”