Burntisland hopes to bloom for judges

From left: Margaret Caldwell, Val Crossan, Val Stevenson, John Bruce, Mary Kay and Bernadette Jenkins
From left: Margaret Caldwell, Val Crossan, Val Stevenson, John Bruce, Mary Kay and Bernadette Jenkins

Members of Floral Action Burntisland (FAB) are hoping the town will bloom for competition judges over the next fortnight.

The new group has entered the Beautiful Fife and Beautiful Scotland contests for the first time this year and has been working hard to make sure Burntisland looks as colourful as possible ahead of the visits.

The judges from Beautiful Fife were heading to the town yesterday (Wednesday) and the Beautiful Scotland judges will be popping along next Wednesday.

FAB was formed in April 2012 with the aim of making Burntisland fabulous by caring for and improving the local environment.

It has 11 committee members and nine support volunteers who have all been working together to look after the various floral displays and hanging baskets throughout the town.

The group aims to: encourage residents to value and improve their local environment; identify areas for developing into attractive public spaces, encourage local pride, take responsibility for fundraising, purchasing and maintenance of floral features and work with the community to improve the natural environment.

A big part of the group’s work is community involvement and it has forged links with Burntisland Primary School as well as the Scouts and Guide groups.

Youngsters from the school planted daffodil bulbs in the boat on Cromwell Road while the Guides planted and maintained the trough outside the Burgh Chambers and the Scouts assisted in planting daffodil bulbs throughout the town.

Val Crossan, vice chairman, said: “Our main focus this year has been improving the four entrances to the town as well as improving the outside of the health centre with planted troughs, installing sponsored basket trees along the Links and increasing the hanging baskets along the High Street.”

The group has received a lot of support through sponsorship from local businesses as well as £2000 in funding from the KANES project.

It was used to not only buy flowers and troughs but also a bowser to water plants along the High Street.

Volunteers have also been lending a hand to water all the plants through a rota system and members have responsibilty for particular floral displays across Burntisland.