Burntisland man’s marathon effort for charity that helps his son

Pete and Kaiden Edie
Pete and Kaiden Edie

A father of two from Burntisland is taking part in a marathon challenge to raise money for the Sick Kids Friends Foundation (SKFF).

Pete Edie will run as part of the SKFF team at the Edinburgh Marathon Festival to raise much needed funds for services at the Royal Hospital for Sick Children ( RHSC) .

He will run for his five-year-old son Kaiden who receives regular treatment at the RHSC for Laryngomalacia - a softening of the tissue in the larynx that causes sufferers’ breathing to become loud and difficult.

The 38-year-old said: “I’m joining Team Sick Kids at the Edinburgh marathon to show my appreciation for the support the charity provides to my family.

“Having one child in school and the other in intensive care can be a real struggle but SKFF is always on hand to help my wife and I catch our breath by arranging comfortable accommodation.

“I’m proud to take on this challenge and support future efforts to fund first class facilities in the childrens’ hospital.”

The SKFF funds beds for more than 50 parents every night so they can remain by their child’s side as they fight illness.

Having already begun a gruelling 16-week training programme, determined Pete aims to finish the 26.2 mile track in less than four hours.

He said: “I’m training hard for the full marathon but would encourage runners of all abilities to take part in the festival and make a difference to sick children across the country.”

The Festival takes place on Sunday, May 25.