Burntisland PS moves closer

THE building of a new primary school in Burntisland came another step closer as councillors agreed an application required by conditions at Kirkcaldy Area Committee yesterday (Wednesday).

The report which went before members provided details relating to specific matters that required further approval as part of the planning permission in principle which was granted by councillors last August.

Among those details which were to be provided in this application were detailed site plans, including drawings of the proposed elevations; a scheme of landscaping; transportation matters; a school travel plan; drainage imact assessment and a flood risk assessment.

Councillors heard five letters of objection were received in relation to the application as well as four letters of support from three separate individuals and two letters of objection from Burntisland Community Council.

During discussions at the meeting concerns were raised in relation to drainage, but officers said these were covered in the drainage imact assessment.

Proposing to approve the officer’s recommendations and agree the application, Councillor George Kay (pictured), whose ward includes Burntisland, said: “There’s certain milestones in one’s life and this to me is one of my milestones.

“I’m quite emotional as it’s the very last part of a jigsaw puzzle, which for me, has taken about eight years to get here.

“Along that eight year journey I have met some wonderful people from officers who have pushed this forward with the local members and together with staff and parents and pupils of the school who are desperate for this to take place.

Councillor Susan Leslie added: “It’s certainly been a journey and I think particular tribute has to be paid to the parent council for their absolutely tenacious campaign to give their children the education they deserve.

‘‘ “It’s been about wanting the very best, not just for their children, but for the whole community.”