Burntisland pupils agree new school is top of the class!

Pupils from each of the school years with teachers, from left: Grace Milligan, Julie Anderson and Donna Shiels. PIC: FPA
Pupils from each of the school years with teachers, from left: Grace Milligan, Julie Anderson and Donna Shiels. PIC: FPA

Pupils in Burntisland went back to school last week – and expressed their delight to be in their new building.

Doors to the brand new building, built by BAM Construction over the past 18 months, opened last Wednesday when parents and pupils were brought in for information sessions and the first few days were used for introductory sessions, with pupils all coming in for short periods to get used to the building and find their way around it.

Then the whole school convened on Friday for the school’s first full day of learning, followed by a whole-school assembly on Monday morning.

And for Julie Anderson, the school’s head teacher, it was a big day.

“It is 25 years since I started teaching with Fife Council, and I can’t think of a better way of celebrating that milestone than moving into the new Burntisland Primary School where I used to be a pupil myself.

“Myself and the rest of the staff did a lot of work over the summer holidays emptying 2500 boxes and getting everything in place for the pupils coming back, so we were all quite familiar with it by the time the pupils came back in.

“The children are just loving it and we have had comments like ‘it’s awesome’ and ‘fantastic’, with one little boy overheard on Friday saying it had been the best day of his life so far, so I think everyone is very pleased with it.

“We are also delighted to see so many children cycling or scootering to school and making healthy choices. Our bike stands are being very well used.”

And the colour-coded layout of the new school with its T-shaped east, north and west wings has been helping the children to find their way around easily.

The school has 19 classes, with four spare rooms for expansion, which are currently used as music, art and teacher’s learning support areas.

“The first days have been life-changing for the children and it is inspiring and uplifting to us all to have such a great learning environment,” added Julie.

The process

BAM Construction began clearing the site for the new school in spring of 2013.

It initially cordoned off the site area and created a park and football pitch next to the Toll Centre for youngsters to play in.

By August last year the metal framework was in place and the scale of the project was visible, and in October the nursery was added.

By February 2014 the brick walls were in place and and a month later landscaping work done. The keys to the building were handed over in July.