Burntisland teen is a dancing queen

Rhiannon Moore, with her impressive collection of trophies
Rhiannon Moore, with her impressive collection of trophies

A BURNTISLAND teenager danced home with two world titles from the World Dance Championships in Blackpool last weekend.

Rhiannon More (13), retained the street dance title she won in 2011 and added the freestyle trophy to her bulging collection.

Competitors from all over the world had to qualify for the prestigious event, held at the Winter Ballroom in Blackpool, with dancers from as far afield as Norway and South Africa competing.

Mum Fiona More, a staff nurse at Victoria Hospital, was proud of her daughter - who attends Sharon Maxwell Dance School in Dunfermline and took up ballet when she was just two-years-old.

She said: “You never know if she is going to win, it depends on the judges.

“This year we couldn’t believe it when she got into the finals again.

“Even to qualify to get down to Blackpool is amazing.

“It’s such a high standard of competition.

“It’s great to be in it, it’s mad. I couldn’t believe how many dancers are there.

“It’s quite tough to get through the heats. So to win again is incredible.

“We still can’t take it in, Rhiannon doesn’t believe it.

“We were both crying when she won, it meant so much.”

Fiona added that the dance competition has a great friendly atmosphere.

Rhiannon went down to Blackpool for the first time two years ago, reaching the final 12, before winning the street dance event in 2011.

In Rhiannon’s age group there was 14 girls on the floor for each of the eight heats. The final 12 then dance for the trophy.

Since winning her first world title last year, the Burtisland dancer has become something of a celebrity in her hometown.

“She still gets surprised when she is recognised,” Fiona added.

“Kids come up to her and know she’s a dancer. They are always very positive and nice about it.”

Earlier this year Rhiannon competed in the European Championships, finishing in the final 12.