Burntisland Viewpoint - a neglected disaster area says councillor

Broomhill viewpoint, Burntisland
Broomhill viewpoint, Burntisland

A BURNTISLAND beauty spot could become an eyesore if not properly maintained, it has been claimed.

George Kay, member for Burntisland, Kinghorn and Western Kirkcaldy, is worried that drunken youths, overgrown shrubs and the crumbling wall could make the Broomhill viewing point a no-go area.

He said it was ‘‘neglected’’ and ‘‘a disaster area.’’

The councillor’s fears come over a month after members of Kirkcaldy area committee agreed for a similar viewing platform to be erected at Inch View in Kinghorn.

He told The Press that as the planning application for the Kinghorn viewpoint was being looked at, he was contacted by residents about the Broomhill site’s state of disrepair.


He said: “The Burntisland viewpoint cost over £60,000 to erect eight years ago – and the place is a disaster area.

‘‘Neglected by Fife Council and unpoliced, it is not used by walkers and has become a magnet for young people to drink and indulge in anti-social behaviour such as picking apart a boundary wall which will take several thousand pounds to repair.

“I have taken steps to remedy these problems, but equally I realise that if another £60,000 is to be spent in Kinghorn then lessons must be learned so that in another eight years we do not have a similar situation.”

He added: “The Kinghorn viewpoint does not meet with universal approval and is not funded by the Council but the local authority and the police must make sure we do not have another situation as has developed at Broomhill.”

Stuart Tait, area parks supervisor, said: “We were alerted to Broomhill viewpoint requiring more than the usual routine maintenance. We immediately carried out additional work to clear the paths of shrubs and litter. We removed a lot of bottles which does suggest that the area is being used by people to congregate socially.”

He added: “Now that steps have been taken to bring the area into better management we will continue to monitor Broomhill viewpoint.”