Burst pipes result in weekend of murky water

Homes from Ladybank to Leuchars experienced discoloured water.
Homes from Ladybank to Leuchars experienced discoloured water.

Two burst pipes in a water main in the Howe of Fife resulted in homes across north east Fife having murky brown water over much of the weekend and into Monday.

Scottish Water began investigating after reports of discoloured water came from people living in the KY14, KY15, KY16 and DD6 postcode areas.

Even though the pipes were repaired householders from Newburgh to Newport and Ladybank to Leuchars, Cupar and St Andrews were still reporting their taps were running brown-tinged water well into Monday afternoon.

A spokesman for Scottish Water explained the problem was the result of two bursts in a three-inch section of the main.

He said the main was not a large one but the reason it took so long for some homes to get back to normal could be because pipes going over hills.

The spokesman added: “We would advise any customers affected by discoloured water to run the cold water tap in their kitchen until the water runs clear.”

After the Fife Herald posted the reasons for the murky water on Facebook on Monday morning there was a deluge of comments relating to the situation.

Many people said they felt they had been let down by Scottish Water’s apparent failure to explain why it took so long for the water to clear, while others were concerned about the safety of drinking water. Some also voiced concern over the environmental impact of being told to run water until it cleared.

On Monday reader Steve Pickering commented - “Why has this stretched as far as New burgh and St Andrews. Also why was the ONLY comment from Scottish Water last night to run your water till it runs clear. If I’d followed that advice. I would have been running it till noon today.”

Reader Leigh Jamieson agreed saying “ What a waste of water! Why was it not on their web page so we knew what was going on. I’ve had our water on most of day, following their last update. Useless!”

Some, however, saw the funny side like David Conacher who posted, “Had to lie to the kids that it was a different bubble bath last night lol!” while Ruby Simpson said: “All day yesterday and still brown today, yuk, had to resort to bottled water - even dog wouldn’t drink and he’s no fussy.”