Business idea is animal magic

windygates; 'Frances Watson , has started her own dog walking business, with Toby'Photo ; WALTER NEILSON
windygates; 'Frances Watson , has started her own dog walking business, with Toby'Photo ; WALTER NEILSON

A Windygates woman is proving that it’s never too late to start your own business.

Frances Watson has begun her own pet care service at an age when most others are settling down to retire - and is enjoying every moment.

“I worked for over 25 years for Fife Council before taking early retirement last year,” she said.

“I enjoyed it even though it was very hectic. But when the chance came to take early retirement I decided to go for it.

Frances said that initially she didn’t have much time to decide what she was going to do.

“It really came out of the blue and I didn’t have any plans,” she said.

“I began volunteering with the Pet Fostering Service and Blue Cross re-homing. I’ve always been an animal lover so I really enjoyed it and it gave me that idea to start out on my own.”

So Frances started up her own pet care business called Watson’s Walkies which provides services such as daily walks, feeding, playing, grooming and cleaning-up, and says others should follow her lead.

She said: “I’d really encourage anyone who is thinking of starting their own business to do it. It’s never too late.

“There’s a whole load of help out there from places like the Business Gateway and Be Your Own Boss, both of whom were really helpful to me.

“If there’s anything at all that you’re worried about there’s someone who can help.”

Now at the age of 60 Frances has found herself running her own business for the first time and says she’s never been happier.

“When I first retired I relaxed a lot and took a lot of holidays but it soon wore off, I needed to be doing something,” she said.

“I’m still doing the volunteer work in tandem with Watson’s Walkies so I’m extremely busy but I’m absolutely loving it.

“It’s great being your own boss.”

>>Watson’s Walkies can be contacted on (01333) 309700 or 0782 466 6926