A taste of success

From left, Roary Rover, John McGlynn, Nicola Surgeon, Laurie Ellis, Fiona Sadliar Pic by Tony Fimister
From left, Roary Rover, John McGlynn, Nicola Surgeon, Laurie Ellis, Fiona Sadliar Pic by Tony Fimister

A KINGHORN woman won’t let her husband give up what would be her dream job, even if it is to help her run a new business.

Nicola’s Cupcake Cafe is now open, situated opposite the Co-op on Kinghorn High Street, and is the culmination of local woman Nicola Surgeon’s hard work making cakes for all occasions from home, under the banner ‘Kassy Kakes’.

Now she has realised her dream of running her own cake shop she probably didn’t tthink hings could get any better.

But to make things even more special for the opening this week, her husband Craig - the groundsman at Stark’s Park - asked departing Raith Rovers manager John McGlynn and defender Laurie Ellis along to open the fanatical Raith Rovers fan’s cake shop in Kinghorn on Monday.

She said: “John (McGlynn) was very impressed and enjoyed his coffee and the surroundings. It was great to have him and Laurie here for the opening.

“I’ll still get along to the games if I can get the cover at the shop.

“I used to do the Raith lottery, but now I haven’t got the time, so I’m afraid I had to give it up to concentrate on the shop.

“Craig is carrying on as groundsman at Stark’s Park. He has got my dream job so I couldn’t let him give it up.

“He’s a Hearts fan and helps out at Tynecastle too, but he’s been at Raith for two years. I’m a massive Rovers fan so I couldn’t let him pack that in, even if he would be helping me at the shop.

“But he still helps out where he can, he will be washing dishes when he is not on the pitch. He is actually at the sink right now!”

Nicola explained more about why she is opening the shop and how she discovered her flair for cake-making.

She said: “I do wedding cakes and other things, so it was just a progression up from that.

“I do cakes for all occasions and will continue to do that side of things, but working out of the shop now.

“I wanted to carry it on to the next step up. And having the shop does that.

“My mum and dad have had a cafe for nearly ten years, and I worked there.”

Nicola hopes to carry on the success she had in her cake-making from home venture into this new shop and believes that her social skills can help the business along the way.

She said: “My cake-making business has taken off in the past few years, working towards having enough money to open this shop.

“I guess even during tough economic times everyone needs to eat.

“This shop is something different. I hope the novelty lasts, it’s not just cup cakes we sell here, we do everything.

“And I’m quite a bubbly person, so you can get a good blether as well as a great cake here at Nicola’s Cupcake Cafe.

“Hopefully it really takes off, it’s done well already despite just opening.

“We’ve had lots of positive comments, some saying it brightens up the High Street which is nice to hear.”