Avoid festive debt zone

Christmas debt
Christmas debt
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A LOCAL debt charity has issued advice on how to enjoy Christmas by sticking to a budget.

Christians Against Poverty, which has a local centre in Burntisland, says people can’t buy the perfect Christmas - and it has issued its own top tips of how to avoid breaking the bank over the festive season.

Staff at the centre see people through the year who have reached a crisis point in their finances, most commonly through job loss, low income, illness or relationship breakdown.

This year, it launched a tried-and-tested list of ways to avoid the kind of financial melt down which sees a rush of clients by February.

“We love Christmas,” said Pat Hanson, Kirkcaldy and Burntisland centre manager.

“The problem is we are sold this line that the perfect Christmas is something we should be buying and that causes more stress than celebration.


“Now is the right time for families to talk to each other to create a sensible game plan to ensure that Christmas is happy for everyone – and so is the New Year.”

The top tips have come from both the experience of those within the charity as well as CAP’s own client.

For more information log on to: www.capdebthelp.org or call 0800 328 0006.

>> Top tips:

Agreeing on a game plan to stop overspending such as doing a ‘Secret Santa’

Have a set amount each to spend

Go for a ‘just for the kids’ rule or a ‘from charity shops only’ rule

If children have their heart set on something out of your price range, club together with relatives

If you are hosting the meal, ask guests to each contribute something.

Pat said people should never take out credit or be tempted by a Christmas loan as they don’t know what unexpected bills may appear in the New Year.