Boost for Leslie House group

Mary outside Leslie House. Pic: Steven Brown.
Mary outside Leslie House. Pic: Steven Brown.

Members of the volunteer group working to bring a former Fife stately home back from ruin, say they have had an encouraging initial response from the public to their plans.

The Help Save Leslie House group last week delivered more than 1400 questionnaires to households throughout Glenrothes and say it has already had a healthy number of returns.

Mary Patrick, who heads the group, said she is urging those who have not yet responded, to do so by the end of January, so that the group can assess the possibility of funding for its bid.

“We’ve been very encouraged, the overwhelming opinion from the doorstep is that people want whatever is possible to breath new life into the former home of the Earl of Rothes, which was gutted by fire in February, 2009,” she said.

And the two recent public consultations, held in Leslie and at Glenrothes and Area Heritage Centre, also brought the sad plight to the historic building, at one time was regarded as one of finest in Fife, to many people who were otherwise unaware of the current state of the property.

“It’s been a worthwhile PR exercise and we’ve had a good response from the public and even had a couple of Glenrothes councillor in Fiona Grant and Kay Morrison come along to show their support,” said Mary.

People should return completed questionnaires by January 28 to Leslie Primary School or Glenrothes Heritage Centre, Lyon Way, Kingdom Shopping Centre.