Centralising Fife Council services could revitalise Leven High Street

Leven High Street
Leven High Street

Centralising local Fife Council services on the high street could help revitalise the street, according to a councillor.

Cllr Colin Davidson believes bringing the services to the high street would help generate footfall, which in turn would support business.

“We’ve got the Shorehead, Letham Glen and the sea – three good assets,” he said. “We’ve also got the leisure centre and bus station.

“But how do we maximise what we’ve got in the centre? My view is to look at what assets we have as a council, and see what we can bring to the high street.

“We’ve got shops lying empty – can we not compulsory purchase them and bring the services into the centre of town? Suddenly you’d have hundreds of people coming into the high street.”

Cllr Davidson admitted this might put a strain on parking, but suggested more could be created along the Promenade.

He also believes the sale of buildings currently housing council services in Leven would help generate funds towards a move to the high street.

Cllr Davidson has also organised for a company to visit council officers in the future to speak about how the high street can be regenerated.

“You’d have hundreds of new people on the high street,” he told the Mail.

“And the shops would have to be open to service these people. You’d get cafes, butchers, bakers.

“Before you know it you would have a mini St Andrews, because there is the business for them.

“It’s about creating the footfall.”