Chamber chief attacks threat to RAF Leuchars

Fife Chamber of Commerce president Bob Garmory
Fife Chamber of Commerce president Bob Garmory

THE threat to RAF Leuchars air base has been criticised by the Scottish Chamber of Commerce’s chief executive, Liz Cameron, who says that Scotland’s economy risks paying a heavy price for the UK Government’s Strategic Defence and Security Review if hit with the closure of two of our RAF bases.

The Scottish Chamber still has serious concerns about the impact that the closure of two Scottish RAF airbases could have on our national and regional economies

Bob Garmory, president of Fife Chamber of Commerce has added his own concerns to the rumours surrounding the future of the base. He said: “This sort of speculation is really unhelpful particularly to the service families who have loved ones serving their country in Afghanistan and Libya.

“The local community deserves better than this as they do all that they can to support the many families involved in these conflicts.

“Fife Chamber deplores this type of media led speculation when it impinges on peoples lives.”

He added: “The SNP have made an unequivocal commitment to work for the retention of both bases and I hope that all Scottish MPs and MSPs of all parties are doing likewise.

“The strategic case for the retention of Leuchars has been made. It was accepted when the decision to base the three Typhoon Squadrons was taken and we see no reason to change this now unless this decision is no longer being made for purely defence reasons.”