Chamber’s optimistic outlook

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FIFE Chamber’s President, John Kilgour believes that 2013 should be a better year for business, but that many companies will still be facing challenging conditions.

He said: “There are indications that we may have passed the worst with economic conditions improving slightly, but I think that the year ahead is going to remain tough. Fife Chamber will be continuing to support our members and helping them to be sustainable and to grow.”

He continued: “During 2012, there were plenty of good news stories from some amazing Fife based businesses, as highlighted during the recent Fife Business Awards, organised by Fife Chamber.

“Hopefully the major construction projects underway on the Forth including the new Forth Crossing and the aircraft carriers, plus other projects such as a further Diageo expansion at Kirkcaldy, will bring many opportunities for Fife companies in the months ahead.

“We will continue to lobby the Scottish Government on many subjects including the unwelcome increase in business rates, and the cut in empty periods rates relief for shops and offices to just 10 per cent relief which will be the final nail in the coffin for many Fife high streets.”

Mr Kilgour added: “As Fife Chamber’s membership continues to grow, we are truly the voice of business in Fife. Our next target is to reach 400 members, which will enable us to have a more powerful voice when lobbying on behalf of our members.”