Council slammed for “too little too late” over Dunnes closure

A row is developing over what more could have been done to try and save the store from closure.
A row is developing over what more could have been done to try and save the store from closure.

The town’s MSP has accused Fife Council of doing “too little, too late” in its efforts to stop the closure of Dunnes, one of Glenrothes’ largest retail stores.

Glenrothes MSP Jenny Gilruth hit out at the local authority claiming more could have been done before the store closed its doors on March 3’ leaving the Kingdom Centre’s main achor store vacant and delivering another hammer blow to the town centre.

Ms Gilruth’s anger follows news that Dunnes were approached to help find a new tenant for the vacant store.

She said: ”This is too little too late from Fife Council. I was demanding a reversal of the decision the minute Dunnes announced plans to close in February – where were Fife Council before the doors shut?

“Proposing to have the old owners help find new ones is quite breathtaking.

“It also misses the point entirely. We have a privately owned town centre & we remain at the behest of these investors, Mars Pensions Trustees’.”

However, Glenrothes councillor Altany Craik, who wrote to Dunnes requesting assistance, has defended the council’s actions, calling on the MSP to consider working more collaboratively with those trying to improve the town centre.

“As usual Ms Gilruth makes no effort to get any facts about what activity has taken place,” Cllr Craik said. “It is becoming her standard response to criticise the council and the Kingdom Centre owners rather than offer a solution. I wrote to Dunnes as they have a long lease and will be a part of any solution to get a new tenant in that unit. It isn’t an ideal situation but this is the latest in a long line of criticisms from the MSP that isn’t going to improve the town centre.”