Cupar folk urged to shop ‘Totally Locally’

CUPAR;'Funky Rascal, Crossgate; Portrait of owner Graeme Black 'photo; WALTER NEILSON
CUPAR;'Funky Rascal, Crossgate; Portrait of owner Graeme Black 'photo; WALTER NEILSON

SHOPPERS in Cupar are being urged to think ‘Totally Locally’.

The national campaign to get people using independent retailers is being spearheaded in Cupar by businessman Graeme Black, owner of children’s clothing shop Funky Rascal.

Graeme explained: “Totally Locally is a simple campaign designed to get people to re-engage with their communities, and it’s based on three principles.

“The first is taking £5 you would usually spend with a big retailer or online and spending it locally instead.

“It’s not spending an extra fiver per week — it’s simply transferring it.

“It would mean an extra £1.9 million going into the local economy each year.”

He went on: “The second concept is the ‘magic tenner’.

“There is a huge piece of research by the New Economics Foundation that suggests £10 spent at a local business will eventually turn into £50, because local businesses tend to work with each other.

“An independent retailer is more likely to use a local tradesman or the local copy shop, for example.

“Using the figure of £1.9 million, that would mean almost £10 million every year going into the local economy and not being sucked away by big business.”

The third part of the scheme is the ‘hidden gems’ initiative, which involves shoppers recommending their favourite local businesses.

Graeme added: “These are difficult times for businesses. But there is huge potential through Totally Locally for jobs to be created and new businesses to open up.

“It’s about getting people enthusiastic, passionate and proud about where they live.”

Totally Locally was set up two years ago in England by Nigel Goddard and Chris Sands, who have already visited Cupar to speak to traders and will do so again before Christmas.

It is hoped the Cupar campaign will be officially launched in February.

More information can be found on the Totally Locally Cupar Facebook page or at