Dairsie housing plan put on hold

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A controversial proposal for a new housing estate in Dairsie has been put on hold in the hope that the developers will tweak their plans.

Dunfermline-based Campion Homes wants to build 29 houses on farmland behind Osnaburgh Court.

But members of north east Fife planning committee weren’t completely satisfied with the plans and this week continued the application – despite risking an immediate appeal on the grounds of non-determination.

It asked Campion to reconsider its plans to include one-and-a-half storey houses, which they fear would spoil the views of neighbours, to ‘soften’ the border with Osnaburgh Court and to look again at the proposed design of the six affordable properties, which are different from the rest of the houses.

It’s the first time in years that there’s been such a major application in Dairsie and feelings among villagers are running high.

The local community council was among the 25 objectors, with concerns about flood risk, traffic impact, and loss of daylight and views.

There are also fears that such a large development would not be in keeping with the village’s rural setting.