Derelict land being put to good use

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ACCORDING to the latest Vacant & Derelict Land Audit, the amount of derelict land in Fife that was brought back into productive economic use last year has increased for the first time since the 2008 recession.

By increasing the level of priority given to tackling vacant and derelict land, Fife Council is aiming to assist in bringing more sites back into use. Identifying brownfield sites and actively encouraging their remediation, thereby helping to reduce virgin greenfield development, ensures they can work to create a sustainable future. The work carried out for the audit also helped secure a funding award of £12,300 from the Central Green Scotland Network which will be used to accelerate this redevelopment work.

Cllr. Tony Martin, Strategic Chair of the Enterprise, Environment and Transportation Committee, praised the work of Fife Council’s Enterprise Planning & Protective Service.

He said: “The work required to identify and then convert derelict land into a useful asset is slow and laborious, but it is a vital task that ensures that the Fife economy grows in a sustainable way, bringing benefits to communities throughout Fife. The increase in redeveloped land is another welcome sign of the resilience of the Fife economy.”