Famous golf resort being refurbished - to protect it from golf balls

The Old Course resort
The Old Course resort

One of St Andrews’ most iconic buildings is undergoing maintenance to protect it from errant golf shots.

The Old Course Hotel Golf Resort and Spa, which sits next to the famous 17th hole of the Old Course, is currently closed, while improvements are made to the roof, windows and 100 of 144 guest rooms.

A spokesman for the Old Course Hotel explained that the changes to the roof were being made for several reasons, including stray shots from the legions of golfers who play the course every year.

He said: “The building is going to have an absorb and deflect energy roof, which means when golf balls hit it it won’t have any dents and cracks.

“The damage is not just to do with golf balls hitting it, but also wear and tear of the roof for the last 28 years.

“This is just to make sure that we are using the most up-to-date technology to make the roof as safe as we can, because golf balls are going to hit it.

“The golf balls do have an impact but we really don’t mind – it is the Home of Golf. You can’t really complain about that sort of thing.”

It is estimated that damage caused by golf balls costs the hotel around £2000 a year in refurbishment.

Work began on the improvements on January 2, and is expected to be completed by April 13, meaning it should not have any effect on anyone’s golf plans.

Management at the Old Course Hotel drafted in Canadian company Euroshield to make the improvements to the roof, which will be made from 70 per cent recycled tyre and will resist impact.

It is hoped the changes will help the hotel retain its red-five-star status.

The refurbishments to the guest rooms, which will include changes to the decor, will see the addition of USB charging points, electric outlets and closet lighting.