Fighting talk from care home campaigners

Ian Sloan outside Alan McLure House in Glenrothes, one of the council-run care homes
Ian Sloan outside Alan McLure House in Glenrothes, one of the council-run care homes

A STRONG and well-organised campaign group has been set up in Glenrothes to fight cuts or expected closures or privatisation of Fife Council run care homes for the elderly.

And a very clear message has been laid down in front of local politicians.

Campaigner, Ian Sloan, has been vocal in his anger over the SNP-LibDem led council’s decision to plough ahead with privatising 10 council run care homes across Fife - two of which are in Glenrothes.

Mr Sloan, who has a relative in a local care home, helped to set up the campaign group along with Glenrothes resident Hazel Gordon.

Mr Sloan said: “We held a meeting where we invited relatives and off duty staff from the 10 care homes in Fife, not all 10 were able to be there but the majority were present. It was agreed as a result of that to form a campaign to save our care homes.

“There’s a big campaign going on. We’re asking relatives to contact their councillors and all candidates in the Scottish election. We’re saying basically, we will not vote for anybody who agrees with closing care homes.

“We’ll be using our power at the ballot box. This has been an atrocious decision by the SNP-LibDem run Fife Council - the way they made the decision was atrocious and went against the 97% of people who were against it.”

Another campaigner against the council’s plans to privatise care homes is independent councillor, Andrew Rodger from Windygates. Anger at the decision has prompted him to stand for election as a list MSP.

Cllr Rodger told the Gazette: “Closing down the council-run homes in Fife and ignoring the will of the people of Fife who want to keep them is a disgrace.”

Campaigner Hazel Gordon, is a resident of Glenrothes who also has a relative in a care home.

She said: “We are pleased that we now have representatives from all of the 10 homes willing to fight to keep the Council care homes open and we are all of the same mind that we would be letting our relatives down by not trying to get the politicians to rethink what they are doing.”