Glenrothes bin-swap scheme powers up for Scottish environment secretary

Richard Lochhead in Glenrothes
Richard Lochhead in Glenrothes

A BIN-swap scheme has seen re-cycling rates soar to 65 per cent.

Over 36,000 households in Glenrothes and East Fife have switched re-cycling bins with larger mixed ones.

Scottish Government minister, Richard Lochead, said the council-run scheme was

an “excellent example of creative, cost effective thinking”

Brenda Henderson, one of the local residents using the new service, added: “Before I would not have re-cycled my cans, plastics and food waste, but it’s easy now that we can simply separate them at home and have them recycled at the kerbside.

“At first I wondered if the bins would cope with the amount of waste we have, but we’ve really had no trouble at all.

Environment committee vice-chairman and local councillor, Ross Vettraino, added: “The new service has been a great success.

“This will turn 40,000 tonnes of food and garden waste into power and heat instead of dumping it.”