Happy Apples all set to bear fruit!

The Happy Apples - Kenny The Klown, Bryan and Adam Apple and Bryan
The Happy Apples - Kenny The Klown, Bryan and Adam Apple and Bryan
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A NEW children’s entertainment group is bringing a touch of magic to youngsters in Kirkcaldy.

The Happy Apples have been performing shows in and around the town for the past six months and are due to take to the stage in Overton Mains Community Centre later this month on Sunday, November 18.

The group’s first show was held in St Bryce Church to a sell-out audience and proved to be a big success.

The core crew features Kenny the Klown (David Simpson), Adam Apple and Bryan Bowman.

David, who works as an offshore rigger, said: “We started this six months ago. I was speaking at a parent’s day at my daughter’s school and was doing balloon modelling to entertain the kids. After that I got offers to do children’s parties and as part of that I developed Kenny the Klown.

“Myself and Bryan used to perform songs in my shed and it was my wife who came up with the idea of “The Happy Apples”. It just took off from there.”

The Happy Apples help children to learn through music and song as well as boosting their confidence.

The group’s shows feature songs written by themselves and David said local schools and nurseries are already showing their support.

He said: “All the members of our core crew are parents and know how expensive it can be to take children to see shows like this.

“That is why we are making our performances as affordable as possible. We only charge £3 per person compared to some which charge £40 a ticket.

“We want to make it good value for money and we are hoping to expand and take our shows across Fife.”

To find out more and buy tickets for their show in Kirkcaldy on November 18 from 2.00-4.00 p.m visit www.thehappyapples.co.uk or log on to the group’s Facebook page.