Health is all in the mind

FEAT's Mind your Mind Trainer, Anna Bennett
FEAT's Mind your Mind Trainer, Anna Bennett

A CHARITY which supports people who have experienced mental ill-health return to work is to launch another new project.

Fife Employment Access Trust (FEAT) has received funding from the Scottish Government’s ‘Change Fund’ to set up the ‘Mind Your Mind’ programme.

This is targeted at the 50+ age group and will provide a range of practical workshops with the overall aim of an improvement in mental health, wellbeing and resilience in older people.


Specifically, FEAT will deliver taster sessions and full length courses in ‘Mindfulness’.

Mindfulness-based approaches are intended to help in pragmatic, practical ways and is taught through meditation skills which include bringing attention to the breath and the body during stillness and movement.

As an alternative to mindfulness, FEAT is also offering a number of their acclaimed ‘Community Mental Health & Wellbeing’ courses to the 50+ age group.

Anna Bennett is FEAT’s Mindfulness trainer and practices the techniques herself on a daily basis.

“Since practicing Mindfulness I find I accept and cope better with life’s challenges,” she said.

“I have also almost given up taking painkillers for those aches and pains that come with the wear and tear of getting older.

“Our users and other pupils have also noticed an improvement in managing their pain and have been feeling generally calmer.


“There are no guarantees in practicing Mindfulness but those who choose to be disciplined and devote 30–60 minutes a day to meditation, should find a marked difference in their quality of life. Meditating can become a very special experience.”

The full programme will commence in June, however, if you are interested in further details, please contact FEAT on (01592) 749880.