‘I’ve been made a scapegoat for bridal shop closure’

The It's Amore bridal shop has remained closed this week.
The It's Amore bridal shop has remained closed this week.

A Kirkcaldy-based bridal shop employee claims to have been made “a scapegoat” for the sudden closure of the business which has left a clutch of brides-to-be without dresses.

Mel Lingwood, an employee at It’s Amore bridal shop at 267 High Street, has faced a tirade of abuse from angry customers, many of who have paid thousands of £s but have yet to receive dresses.

Mel told the Fife Free Press she has spent three weeks trying to raise the money to cover the extra payments made by customers with designers in order to release dresses.

“I’ve hardly slept and have been sick with worry trying to raise the money to reimburse customers,” explained Mel.

“Had I been trying to rip off customers I wouldn’t have been here trying to contact everyone with outstanding orders since being left here to fend for myself.

“I’ve been made a scapegoat for other people’s failures, faced a barrage of abuse on social media and have even had threats of violence against me, it’s disgusting.”

The problems for the Kirkcaldy boutique started when company director Kelly Eadie walked out on July 6, leaving staff to deal with the business.

Ms Eadie, from Broxburn, told the Press that all outstanding customers would be reimbursed for the extra costs, but could not confirm when those payments would be made.

She said: “I have been in contact with all of the outstanding customers except one and advised them that they will be given back the extra payments made directly to designers.

“With the failing of the business I’ve also been left substantially out of pocket.”

She also apologised for customers’ distress and to those left to close the shop.

However, several unhappy customers have refuted Ms Eadie’s comments.

Patricia Mitchell, from Dunfermline, who had already handed over £1055, said the experience had been “complete hell” and confirmed she was yet to receive anything.

Jackie Waugh, from Leven, described the situation as a “nightmare”, adding that she’d had to pay an extra £600 on top of the £1100 spent in order to receive her dress.

Amazingly, some customers came to the shop’s aid at the weekend to help with a flash sale, as part of the ongoing efforts to help those affected by the closure.