Kirkcaldy firm lands six-figure deal with media giant

Matt Lanham of Swanify
Matt Lanham of Swanify

A KIRKCALDY-BASED company has landed a six-figure business deal with media giants IPC.

Swanify, formed by managing director Mathew Lanham last year, creates apps for smartphones and was chosen by IPC to develop a mobile app framework having previously launched apps for some of their publications such as Marie Claire and Golf Monthly.

Mathew says the deal is great news for the company, one of a few that he has owned, starting out in business in 2003 at the age of just 17.

He said: “I had a couple of other jobs but mostly I’ve been in business for myself in the digital market, creating websites and consulting in digital, things like that.

“But as the mobile market became more buoyant I thought it was time that I could maybe get an agency started dedicated to creating apps.”

Swanify’s app framework for IPC aims to drive traffic to digital content such as videos, galleries and articles. Mathew said that the distance between the two companies was a concern when it came to bidding for the contract. “We had to go down to London for the bid,” he said.

“We were aware that because we are so far away that we might be at a disadvantage, and there are some logistics that need looked at, but we won the deal in the end which is great.”

Key part

Paul Cheal, IPC’s digital publishing director said that mobile is “a key part of IPC’s digital plans”, and Mathew is looking forward to working with them on the new framework.

He said: “What’s good about this deal is that we will now have a long-term relationship with IPC. A lot of the time you only have a short term contract so the relationship is relatively brief.”

The news of Swanify’s deal has made it onto the business pages across the UK and Mathew is hopeful it can help to put Fife on the map.

“Obviously such a deal is fantastic for us, especially in the middle of a financial crisis,” he said. “But I’d like to think it reflects well on Fife also.

“There’s a perception that Fife is lagging behind technologically but I don’t think that’s the case at all.

“There are a lot of interesting companies here and some great stuff going on.

“And hopefully we can play a part in helping Fife businesses grow.”