Kirkcaldy MSP calls for rethink on Sunday car parking charges

Dave Torrance MSP does not want to see car parking charges on Sundays.
Dave Torrance MSP does not want to see car parking charges on Sundays.

Kirkcaldy SNP MSP David Torrance has urged Fife Council to scrap plans to introduce car parking charges on Sunday.

The council’s executive committee is expected to consider the issue at its meeting on Tuesday, and if councillors give the go-ahead, charges could be in place from November.

But Mr Torrance said: “Concerns over the introduction of Sunday parking charges by Fife Council’s Labour administration have been brought to my attention by churches and traders in the area, particularly surrounding Kirkcaldy High Street.

“In addition to these additional costs, this move by the Labour administration does nothing to help stimulate growth or encourage footfall in Kirkcaldy High Street or to support local places of worship.

“Instead, it imposes a huge financial burden on those who use such services in the town centre and rely upon them for social interaction and a sense of community. Local congregations will be particularly affected, as this is effectively a charge on worship.”

Mr Torrance said he had written to Fife Council leader David Ross regarding this issue, asking him to reconsider the decision to introduce Sunday charges.

The proposal to introduce parking charges on Sundays was approved by Fife Council as part of the revenue budget in February this year.

Permission is now being sought to implement the Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) to allow Sunday parking charges.

It’s suggested the executive committee members could consider three options: Allow Sunday parking charges to be implemented; introduce parking charges from 1pm on Sundays, taking into account the objections from churches and church groups; or fully uphold the objections and withdraw the proposal to introduce parking charges on Sundays.

The recommendation from officers in for the first option - all day parking charges on Sundays.