Kirkcaldy town centre challenges forces popular shop to move

Nadia Moreland and Lorraine Gardiner of Love Restored (pic by Fife Photo Agency)
Nadia Moreland and Lorraine Gardiner of Love Restored (pic by Fife Photo Agency)

Love Restored closed its premises at 189 Kirkcaldy High Street on Saturday citing a number of factors in the decision to move back to the east end.

High rates, decreased footfall, accessibility issues and parking charges have been named as obstacles to overcome for businesses in the High Street by the shop’s owners, Lorraine Gardiner and Nadia Moreland.

They said there is an “ongoing struggle” to bring lively trade and community back to our High Street.

Lorraine said: “A new approach is required. Individual entrepreneurs can do their part to rejuvenate the town centre community but they cannot do it alone.

“A wider strategic investment at Government and local authority level and wider community support would assist innovative and creative businesses to reclaim our high streets and town centres.

“Joined up thinking across all areas is required, urgently, to create the sustainable future for our town centres that we all want to see. A broader plan is required for each town with a view to getting the right policies and decision makers in place to initiate real change.

“Until that time as a business we have to be reactive and act as collateral damage to prove that this situation really exists in the eyes of those that can make change.”

The Scottish Government is to hold a rates review in March.

Bill Harvey, manager of Kirkcaldy’s BID, Kirkcaldy 4 All, says he hopes it will be boost for the town centre.

“If you talk to most businesses in the town centre the business rates are one of the most likely factors raised as an issue,” he said.

“And it’s historical, the rates set now were set seven years ago. What we need is rates system that is flexible and able to be changed according to market forces.”