Making baby sense

Jacilyn Allan and nine month old son Zac
Jacilyn Allan and nine month old son Zac
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SINCE discovering the benefit of baby sensory classes following the birth of her son, Kinglassie mum Jacilyn Allan has grasped a business opportunity with both hands and is helping other new mums and their youngsters.

Jacilyn (30), has launched her own classes in venues locally after taking on the east Fife franchise of Baby Sensory.

She explained: “I was made redundant back in February last year, I worked for Dunfermline Building Society.

“At that point I was in the early stages of pregnancy and I didn’t work throughout my pregnancy, then afterwards I had no job to go back to, so I had tons of time on my hands.

“I started attending sensory classes with my little boy.

“I saw how great it was for the baby and myself.

“The thing is we had to travel through to west Fife for the classes if I wanted to attend structured classes.

“There were of course mother and baby groups locally, but not structured sensory classes.

“I saw it as a great opportunity to bring it in to east Fife.

“Starting up my own classes is a new challenge and something I’ve never done before, but it’s exciting.

“I started five weeks ago, with my first class in Dunnikier Scout Hall on June 20.

“I’ve been running classes for the last four weeks in Methil and I’m looking to bring a class to Glenrothes in September.

“It’s great because I can do as much or as little as I want, so it’s ideal to fit it in around my family.”

For Jacilyn and her son Zac, who is now nine months old, the Baby Sensory classes were ideal and hugely beneficial.

“A lot of the benefit was down to the structure,” she says.

“Baby Sensory specifically target babies from birth to 13 months. Every lesson plan included developmental information on why you are doing a certain activity and how it helps your child’s development.

“As a first time parent, this was incredibly useful for me.

“It was also a great opportunity to meet other parents with children around the same age as mine and have a chat.”

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