Mandeep aims to bring the real taste of Indian cuisine to the Kingdom

Mandeep Kaur with some of her dishes
Mandeep Kaur with some of her dishes

A KIRKCALDY woman has turned her hobby - and her home - into a business by starting up Fife’s very first Indian supper club.

Mandeep Kaur has started up ‘Indian Cooking In Fife’ where those with a passion for Indian food can come to her home to eat or take part in different activities.

She said the idea came to her as she didn’t think that Indian food available elsewhere was giving a true flavour.

“Everything I make is cooked fresh and I think that makes a big difference,” she said. “Nothing is pre-prepared.”

Mandeep, who came to Kirkcaldy in 1999 from Dehli, decided to start the business last year. She said: “I discussed it with my husband who was very supportive and decided to give it a try.

“I contacted Fife Council to get proper permission and I had to go on a food and hygiene course, which was very interesting and I learned a lot.”

The business has four different elements to it; the supper club which takes place once a month, Mandeep also offer a cookery demonstration or for the more adventurous there is a hands-on cookery class. Mandeep will also cater for those who want to have a party with Indian food in there own home.

She said: “So far it’s been really enjoyable.

“The supper clubs have busy and very successful. I’ve had one lady who has been to every one.

“It’s a great way for strangers to meet and get along. The last one was brilliant and everyone had a ball. If it picks up we may hold the supper club more frequently.

“It’s just a small thing at the moment because I’m a busy mum and wife but I’m enjoying it.”

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