Medical condition no barrier to success for Fifer

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A Kirkcaldy man tackling type 1 diabetes says he won’t let the challenge of living with the condition defeat his business dream.

Steven Leslie (24) was given his diagnosis aged just four, but says organisation and a positive mindset has meant he can not only live with diabetes, but thrive by opening his own fitness business.

He said: “It was hard going getting through primary and high school, at Fair Isle and then Kirkcaldy High.

“It was very challenging, especially at first because having a medical condition but being too young to understand was difficult. I would be out playing then suddenly it’s tea time – let’s get you injected. It was hard but I eventually thought I would either let this control me, or I would control it and take a positive outlook on the situation.”

Steven said that he has turned living with diabetes to his benefit.

He continued: “Looking at it now I actually think it helps me in way. People see that I’ve got a condition but I can still do what I want to do.

“I’ve been forced to be organised in my life, but that’s helped because I’m now building up the business and trying to be a leader as well as managing my condition – you need to be focused to do that.”

With help from Business Gateway Steven opened up S24 Fitness at the Mitchelston Industrial Estate and says it is thriving.

“This year is going really well. I took the plunge to open my own studio and have pushed on from there.”

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