MSP pledges support for Remploy

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MSP David Torrance has thrown his support behind the threatened Remploy factory in Leven.

The Banbeath plant, which offers employment to disabled people, is under threat of closure following a three-month UK Government consultation which calls for an end to support for segregated employment.

The Leven-based staff have been making lifejackets and other marine safety equipment at Banbeath for some years.

Mr Torrance was given a conducted tour by team leader Sandra Read and union rep Colin Cuthbert.

He said: “This factory represents the type of community project I wholeheartedly support, and I believe we should be encouraging the development of similar projects in the future..”

Union rep Mr Cuthbert said that, as far as the local workforce was concerned, Remploy was “more than just a job” to them.

“If this factory was to close it would be a devastating blow to us, not just financially but socially,” he said.