Neuk businesses working together to attract custom

Anstruther businesses working together to attract customers. (Picture: James Glen)
Anstruther businesses working together to attract customers. (Picture: James Glen)

A group of businesses in an East Neuk town are working together to attract more customers.

A meeting will be held in Anstruther on Thursday, with the aim of creating a trade association that can work to attract customers to local businesses and promote the town.

Martin Dibley, owner of Pets Pantry, said: “There are a lot of new businesses and traders in Anstruther.

“There’s a feeling we need to work together to attract more customers and create a voice for the businesses.

“Traders want a voice in the town and want to work to promote Anstruther and their businesses.”

Martin explained that many of the traders had grown frustrated that visitors were sticking to the shore and not exploring the other streets and shops in the town.

He added: “Most people who come will go along the shore but not up to the High Street or Rodger Street. We need a strong voice, especially since Royal Bank of Scotland is leaving.”

Several traders in Anstruther had approached Councillor Linda Holt about the issue, who has been providing support to the fledgling group.

She said: “We had a meeting and there was a universal feeling that the High Street and Rodger Street are overlooked.

“You go down to the shore and it’s packed – there’s loads of people down there but no one up on the High Street.”

The meeting takes place at Anstruther Ceramic Cafe at 5.30pm on Thursday.