Planning changes underway for Fife region

Fife Council has backed a report by Audit Scotland on “Modernising the Planning System”.

The report is the first independent national review of the effectiveness of recent reforms and modernised planning system following the Planning Etc (Scotland) Act 2006 and related legislation.

Councillors have given their support to the key messages set out in the report which state that the Scottish Government, key agencies and local planning authorities have all made progress in modernising the planning system and are working better together. More progress however needs to be made to realise the full potential of the modernisation agenda.

The planning system in Scotland is being modernised to make it more transparent and efficient. As part of this process structure plans are to be replaced by Strategic Development Plans (SDPs) for the city regions. Fife falls into two city regions, Edinburgh city region, covering mid, south and west Fife and Dundee city region covering north and east Fife. The Fife Structure Plan 2006-2026 will be replaced by two SDPs - TAYplan for Dundee city region and SESplan for Edinburgh city region. Both are anticipated to be approved by Scottish Ministers in 2013.