RAF ‘keen to be part of Leuchars’

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A TASK force set up to asses the impact of the UK Government’s defence basing review has held its second meeting.

Fife’s Defence Transition Force has previously agreed that two operational groups would be established to represent business and employment in Fife, in a bid to maximise potential opportunities and minimise any damage.

Since then, the business operational group held its inaugural meeting to define its role and objectives.

One of group’s first priorities will be to meet with MOD representatives to explore opportunities for businesses in Leuchars and Rosyth.

The task force welcomed Air Commodore Gavin Parker, Station Commander RAF Leuchars, to the recent meeting. 

The Air Commodore was keen to emphasise that the RAF still remained very much a part of Leuchars. 

The Typhoon aircraft is to be operational for the next 30 years and for the next two years, until relocation, the Typhoon Force at Leuchars will continue to grow.