Roslyn opens doors to new vegan cafe in Kirkcaldy town centre

Roslyn Fawns at the Bakers Field vegan cafe (Pic: Fife Photo Agency)
Roslyn Fawns at the Bakers Field vegan cafe (Pic: Fife Photo Agency)

The owner of a new Kirkcaldy cafe has swapped the catwalk for serving veggie meals and couldn’t be happier.

Roslyn Fawns opened her vegan cafe The Bakers Field in the Lang Toun’s Tolbooth Street – a radical change of career which has seen her working in the past as a model.

“I also worked in PR for a gourmet food company as well as working as a model,” she said.

“I did the Brooklyn Fashion Week in New York and did some print and film work. I still so the occasional bit of modelling for designers but now I want to focus on the cafe.

“I feel that this is my passion and what I really want to do as a career, even though it’s a bit different!”

Roslyn says her new business encompasses all her strengths and passions into one.

“There’s the whole social media aspect, the creating of the recipes, the branding – right down to the designing of the interior and customer psychology. It’s the perfect combination for me really.”

Despite having only been open for two weeks the cafe has already earned four and five star reviews online and Roslyn says that a vegetarian lifestyle is becoming more popular.

“The growth in vegetarianism and veganism is massive.

“But if you’ve been eating meat for a long time you need to find things that are interesting to you but still have a delicious taste.

“If you want to vegetarian or vegan it’s easy to make a mistake if you don’t have enough nutritional knowledge.

“So what we’ve done with the menu is try to include all the macros and not just make it rabbit salad!

“Food for enjoyment culturally is really important. It can be a bonding experience because if you’re just eating green salad all the time it can be quite demoralising and it doesn’t have to be that way.

“We’ve been really busy so far. People are definitely interested in trying something new.

“I want people to feel that this is a very friendly, homely place where that can come and comfortable and relaxed.”

She added: “I think cafes are the new pub.”