St Andrews parking price increase rejected at budget

Parking charges will not increase. Pic: Dave Scott
Parking charges will not increase. Pic: Dave Scott

The rejection of a proposal to increase parking charges in St Andrews has been welcomed by a local councillor.

Councillors discussed ang agreed the budget yesterday (Thursday) however one of the ideas for raising funds which was not part of the proposed budget was an increase to parking charges in the town.

The charges would have affected Petherum Bridge, while in Anstruther car parking charges would have been increased to match those in St Andrews.

It was expected that the proposed increase would have raised £325,000 for the local authority over the next three years, with the increase in Anstruther raising a further £75,000.

News that the proposed parking charge increase had been rejected were welcomed by Cllr Ann Verner.

She said: “Fife Council’s proposed budget was announced the other day and I am pleased to report my success in rejecting the increase to parking charges in St Andrews. This must be a great relief to shop owners and locals alike, that this administration is fighting hard for local issues, especially during these times of austerity.”

The administration has proposed to increase the council tax by three per cent on band D and had outlined £10.672 million of savings.