Study shows ‘how others see’ Kingdom

Cllr Ross Vettraino
Cllr Ross Vettraino

Over 300 telephone interviews, up to 500 face-to-face interviews, and over 2,000 UK online survey responses: the Fife Perception Study has been busy gathering a picture of Fife’s external image.

The study was commissioned on behalf of Fife Council’s Environment, Enterprise and Transportation Committee. It falls within the Fife Economy Partnership’s Promoting Fife initiative whose aims are to raise the profile of Fife and position it nationally and globally as a great place to live, work, visit and invest.

This week, stakeholders, business and tourism partners, and representatives from Fife Colleges, Scottish Enterprise and Fife Council gathered to hear evidence and findings from the perception research.

Chris Parr, Group Chief Executive of Tullis Russell Group Ltd, in his role as chair of the Fife Economy Partnership, said: “I am really excited about being part of shaping Fife’s future. Our aim is to make Fife the easiest place to do business and the Perception Study is vital to understanding how we can more effectively bring further investment... to Fife.

Glenrothes councillor, Ross Vettraino, vice-chair of Fife Council’s Environment, Enterprise and Transportation Committee, said: “Fife’s external image has been under scrutiny for the last four months as the Perception Study found out what businesses, national opinion formers, visitors to Fife, think of the area and how they see it.”