Tammy follows her photography dream

Tammy O'Neill
Tammy O'Neill

A KIRKCALDY teenager who has been home-schooled for the past two years has set up her own photography business at the age of just 15.

Tammy O’Neil launched her website this summer and has already received lots of interest in her work, some from as far as America.

Her dad Ryan O’Neil has been teaching her at home and believes it has helped Tammy.

He said: “My daughter has been home-schooled by myself since she was 13. I took her out of Balwearie High School as it wasn’t working out for her there.

“The way I approached it is - I found out what she wanted to do in life and we discovered that she wanted to be a photographer.

“So I obviously geared things around her photography work.

“She is such a creative person you see. You get people that are good at figures etc but she is such a creative person and she has a passion for it.”

Mr O’Neil is surprised by his daughter’s talent given she has had no proper photography training, but believes it might be down to her genes.

He added: “Tammy is starting to gear it all towards her business in life, her purpose in life. Seeing as she is now coming up to 16 and becoming an adult, this is what she does and loves doing.

“She has started showing off her portfolio and will do lots of photos in Fife and across Scotland.

“She knows how to set things up and make photos at certain angles.

“She has had no professional training whatsoever, which is weird as she is so talented.

“Photography does seem to run in the family. Her great auntie who lives in America has been a photographer for years.

“Tammy has been over to visit her great aunt - who is in awe of Tammy’s natural talent.”

Tammy has made contacts all over the world including archiveit360.com, which provides support for young entrepreneurs to achieve their goals.

He added: “She is getting a lot of success and interest. We made a good contact in Arizona with entrepreneurs there. We are very friendly in particular with a group of them who are setting up a project that supports people like Tammy.

“It’s funny that she is going from Kirkcaldy to making it internationally and pushing herself over in America.

“The principle of following your dream and preparing yourself for life is what Tammy has been doing.”

As well as photography, Tammy is keen to try modelling and is also looking at other sources of income by making jewellery and additional craft pursuits.

>> To see Tammy’s work go to - www.tammy-oneil.co.uk