Times extended in multi-storey Kirkcaldy car parks

Two of Kirkcaldy’s multi-storey car parks are now open on Sundays.

The Esplanade and Thistle Street will be available between 9.30am until 5.30pm, prooviding 655 extra spaces, including 23 disabled spaces. and 10 reserved for Shopmobility users.

Cllr.Alice Soper, Chair of Kirkcaldy Area Committee, commented: “I’m pleased that even before the new access restrictions to the High Street are in place we have been able to increase parking in this way. The multi-storey car parks have both received Park Mark accreditation for their safety, yet they are underused at the moment. I hope this will remind people of the number of different parking options they have – even on a Sunday - and attract more people to shop in Kirkcaldy.”

Like the other Fife Council car parks, there will be no charge to use the multi-storey car parks on a Sunday.