Top shelf tipple for Wemyss Malts

New Wemyys Malt Lord Elcho
New Wemyys Malt Lord Elcho

WITH a massive local estate, it’s fair to say the Wemyss’ are a well-known family in this area – but their latest venture might just win them a few more friends.

Wemyss Malts, which is owned by the Wemyss family, whose seat is between East and West Wemyss at Wemyss Castle – where they’ve lived since the 1300s – has launched a new premium blended Scotch whisky, called Lord Elcho.

Its first entry into the market, the tipple is a 15-year-old Scotch and is named after the family’s 18th century ancestor, who was a loyal supporter of Bonnie Prince Charlie.

Elcho is renowned for being of a brave character, leading his men at the Battle of Culloden during the ill-fated Jacobite uprising in 1745.

For his part in the uprising, Elcho was stripped of his title and lands and exiled to France, never returning to his native Scotland.

William Wemyss, founder and managing director at Wemyss Malts, said: “The continued growth of Scotch whisky across the world has encouraged us to launch our first entrant into the blended Scotch segment.

“The story of my ancestor has provided us with an authentic and compelling story to build a new brand for our range.”

Lord Elcho is described as being crafted from a carefully-chosen selection of the finest malt and grain whiskies, with an emphasis on malt whisky matured in sherry casks.

It is said to be “imbued with the refined masculine spirit of its namesake,” as well as being “rich, smooth and aged to perfection”.

The launch of Lord Elcho is the second time that Wemyss Malts has used the Wemyss family history as inspiration for a new brand.

Its Darnley’s View gin brand commemorates the meeting of Mary Queen of Scots and Lord Darnley at Wemyss Castle in 1565.