Truce called after clash with builders at Cupar housing development

The Kingdom Housing site in Pitscottie Road, Cupar.
The Kingdom Housing site in Pitscottie Road, Cupar.

Work has only just started on Kingdom Housing Association’s Pitscottie Road development in Cupar – but already the neighbours are complaining.

And this week local Fife councillor Margaret Kennedy brokered a meeting between residents, the town’s community council, Kingdom and its building contractors.

Afterwards Cllr Kennedy said the meeting had been positive.

Kingdom and builders Campion Homes have agreed to communicate better with local residents in Tarvit Gardens.

Those residents, immediately next door to the building site where groundworks started recently, had a list of complaints, most seriously about vibrations from the work.

One resident reported damage inside his home, while others expressed concerns about the level of vibration they were experiencing.

Residents also complained about early starts to work.

Richard Wigfield, who lives at 3 Tarvit Gardens, complained: “Houses have experienced not only noise from 7am until 5pm but a very serious amount of vibration.

“There is serious concern that damage to our homes is being caused, but nobody is taking any notice of us.”

However, after Tuesday’s meeting, involving Kingdom, Campion Homes, local residents, Cupar Community Council and Fife Council, Cllr Kennedy was optimistic that the locals’ concerns were being dealt with.

Describing the meeting has being “a little bit heated” initially, she said: “A lot of concerns have arisen over the impact of the development.

“For me there are significant concerns in relation to the effect of vibration.

“To their credit Campion Homes have agreed to have an independent structural engineer to investigate,” Cllr Kennedy commented.

Agreement has also been reached on working hours on the site and for better communication with local residents.

Scott Kirkpatrick, Kingdom’s acting director of development, promised that the housing association would take forward the action points from the meeting.

“The structural engineer’s report will be available and shared with residents before we meeting again in December. What he says is what we will respond to,” Mr Kirkpatrick said.

Douglas Provan from Cupar Community Council, also saw the meeting as having been positive.

But he regretted: “Though they have agreed to keep in contact, I just wish that this week’s meeting had happened earlier.”

The £7.2million development of 49 affordable homes is due for completion in March 2018.