What a disgrace!

2911004 SSFF bennochy bridge 'roadworks on Bennochy Bridge, Kirkcaldy
2911004 SSFF bennochy bridge 'roadworks on Bennochy Bridge, Kirkcaldy
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a KIRKCALDY businessman has slammed delays in carrying out repairs to a road at a busy junction.

Part of the road surface around a manhole cover on Bennochy Bridge is still damaged almost two weeks after serious flooding in the area caused it to burst.

And Martin Blankenstein who has traded in the town for several decades, this week described the situation as “an accident waiting to happen.”

“This is an absolute disgrace that this has been left with half of the road cordoned off by bollards for almost two weeks now,” he said.

“Traffic coming down the hill towards the town has to wait until cars coming round the corner to cross the bridge at the traffic lights have cleared.

‘‘At peak times there have been huge tailbacks. I can’t believe there hasn’t been an accident already.


‘‘You would have thought that with this being one of the busiest junctions in the town they would have given it priority.”

Steve Knowles, roads team leader for central Fife, said Fife Council had informed Scottish Water about the problem on July 12 after heavy rain caused drains at the manhole on the bridge to back up, cracking the road surfacer.

He said: “We put barriers and signs out around the damaged area to prevent anyone going into it, and it appears that someone from Scottish Water has been out to see it because they have put blue paint around it - but we are still waiting on them to do something about it.”

A Scottish Water spokesman said: “Urgent roadwork requests are reported by telephone.


‘‘Non-urgent requests from local authorities are passed through a utility-wide, repairs database.

“We were only directly contacted by the local authority on July 15, with our inspector investigating the same day.

“It has been necessary to engage a contractor to carry out the work, and arrange traffic management with the roads department. We will treat this repair as a priority.

‘‘We apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused.”